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WikiPlugin to let users attach comments to the end of a page. Since v1.3.8. Change the layout via the templates comment.tmpl and addcomment.tmpl, and the CSS classes wikicomment, wikicomment-header, wikicomment-body, wikicomment-footer


     <?plugin AddComment order||=normal jshide||=0 mode||=show,add noheader||=0 ?>

Plugin Arguments

jshide: Boolean if the comments and/or textbox should be initially hidden and on click expanded. Default: 0
order: List comments in chronological (order=normal) or reverse order (order=reverse)
mode: List of add and/or show. Default: add,show
noheader: Boolean if the "Comments" h2 header should be omitted. Default: 0
pagename: Attach to which page? Default: current pagename

Known Problems

jshide does not work yet. Not very well tested.


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