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 This page will describe the AspectJ Metrics in SableVM project. 
+The following classfile attributes are added during weaving:  
+!Code Attributes  
+Each is a code attribute for which the info field is a stream of <tt>(offset:short, value:int)</tt> pairs. The offset indicates the start of a range of bytecode instructions, each of which has the given value. A value of -1 means "no tag".  
+For example,<br>  
+3: 1<br>  
+4: 1<br>  
+5: 2<br>  
+Would be encoded as <tt>(1,-1)(3,1)(5,2)(6,-1)</tt>  
+!Method Attributes  
+Identifies a method as being a proceed method for around advice. This is required by the propagation algorithm to maintain a correct value of "advice depth".  
+!Class Attributes  
+The info field of each of these attributes is a stream of <tt>(id:int, cp_index:int)</tt> pairs, mapping a shadow or source id to a descriptive string in the constant pool.