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 * April 7th, Martin Robillard 
 * April 14th, Cancelled (holiday) 
-* April 21st , Laurie  
+* THURSDAY, April 20, room ~McConnell 103, 10:30-12:00  
+Presenter: Jörg Kienzle  
+Title: Aspect-Oriented Challenge: Implementing the ACID Properties of  
+Transactional Objects  
+Abstract: This talk is an extended version of the talk presented at  
+AOSD 2006 in March. I am going to present an aspect-oriented design  
+of a transaction run-time that ensures the ACID properties  
+(atomicity, consistency, isolation and durability) for transactional  
+objects. A set of ten base aspects is defined, each one providing a  
+well-defined reusable functionality. The base aspects are simple, yet  
+have complex dependencies among each other. The base aspects can be  
+configured and composed in different ways to implement different  
+concurrency control and recovery strategies. This composition is  
+delicate: some aspects conflict with each other, others have to be  
+reconfigured dynamically at run-time. At the end of the talk I want  
+to show how this case study could serve as a benchmark for aspect-  
+oriented software development, in particular for evaluating the  
+expressivity of aspect-oriented programming languages, the  
+performance of aspect-oriented programming environments, and the  
+suitability of aspect-oriented modeling notations. More concretely , I  
+will outline possible master thesis topics that can be built on top  
+of this work for interested students.