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Greg and I have been talking about going out for lunch on Friday.

The place in mind is called Isakaya, it's a Japanese restaurant on Parc Ave. Here is a map:

The most you'll pay is $17.00 (after tax and tip) for a nice bento box special that includes salad or miso soup or udon soup, the actual box, tea, and small fruit cup dessert. There are a variety of somewhat cheaper options as well, that come with rice and vegetables and some meat, or a probably a sushi combo, but I just get the bento when I go.

Vegetarians generally have to be willing to eat Japanese fish stock, because it's in just about everything.

Let's try and schedule availability on Friday on the Wiki as an experiment. I'm suggesting 1 p.m. as a good time, I think they're open from about 11:30 -- 2:30.

Cheers, Chris


Chris P. (cpicke): available all day
Greg P. (gadek): available all day
Patrick L. (plam): available all day