Using your customized Main class with the Soot - Eclipse Plugin

The way Eclipse finds your classes is by looking in the runtime directories specified in the plugin.xml file There is a special directory called myclasses in the plugin.xml in the Soot plugin especially for this purpose The easiest way to use this feature is to use a symlink to link your special Soot analysis classes to this directory


my Soot analysis is stored in $HOME/my_soot_analysis_classes/

use ln -s $HOME/my_soot_analysis_classes $ECLIPSE_DIR/plugins/ca.mcgill.sable.soot-2.2.2/myclasses

(on windows you may need to actually copy the classfiles to this special directory - which you must also create)

Eric: Winbolic ( is able to create symbolic links on NTFS systems. You have to set a HARD link with that tool, in order to get this to work.

Then restart Eclipse and it should be able to find your special classes (it worked for me)

There seems to be confusion about where to specify your Main class name to the plugin In the plugin dialog under Input Options there is a textfield labeled Main Class - this isn't it !! There is at the very bottom of the list a section called Soot Main Class with a textfield labeled Soot Main Class - this is the place You need to enter the complete Main class name here

Example: jennifer.parity.ParityMain?

Note: Eclipse does not use the system classpath at all as far as I know. So changing this global system classpath will not help you.