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 Ensure that you have the latest versions of JastAdd etc. checked out. 
  - run "ant veryclean-jastadd jastadd" to make sure that the Jast-Add based files are up to date 
  - check in these files if they changed (in the "generated" directory) 
+Potentially do the same for the Jimple parser definition (use sablecc), and aso re-generate the options parser to make sure it's up to date.  
 Change soot.Main 
  - fix up dates in printed copyright statement 
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 Build all jars 
  - there is a script to do this called nightly (it is also used for nightly Soot builds) 
  - this script requires some setup 
  - make an autobuild directory (the script assumes it is in your $HOME directory but you can change the script locally to have it somewhere else) 
- - in the script there is a call to makeStable(), which is commented out; remove the comment marker and instead comment out makeNightly()  
- - also the adjust "rev" and "polyglotrev" variables 
+ - adjust "rev" and "polyglotrev" variables 
  - in the autobuild directory you need directories settings, resources and releases 
  - in the settings directory you need a soot file and a jasmin file (these files contain the ant.settings required by the build.xml script except they some variables that get set automatically by the build script) 
  - in the resources directory you need the stable polyglot directory of the polyglot you will be releasing with Soot 
  - the releases directory is where all the jars are put when they are built by the build script 
 You have to use SVN to modify the Soot website: 
-Ypu have to put all JAR files into: 
+You have to put all JAR files into: 
 Put the new jars in the ~sable/public_html/software/ directory. 
 Place the updated html files in the ~sable/public_html/soot/. Also put the updated credit and CHANGES files there. 
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 To build the eclipse plugin: 
 * check out the folder 
 * start eclipse with a fresh workspace and import all projects from the folder you just checked out 
- * MAKE SURE that the default javac command on your machine is of the Java version you want to compile against (e.g. a 1.5 version if you want to compile the Eclipse plugin for Java 1.5); this is because Eclipse uses ANT to build the plugin  
 * In the eclipse workspace move to folder ca.mcgill.sable.lib/lib and copy the following files into this folder: 
  * jasminclasses.jar 
  * java_cup.jar 
  * polyglot.jar 
@@ -74,8 +74,8 @@
 svn copy<RELEASE_NUMBER> -m "Tagging the <RELEASE_NUMBER> release of the Soot project." 
 svn copy<RELEASE_NUMBER> -m "Tagging the <RELEASE_NUMBER> release of the Jasmin project." 
+svn copy<RELEASE_NUMBER> -m "Tagging the <RELEASE_NUMBER> release of the Soot project."  
 Send an email to the soot-list with the release notice