Email recent Soot contributors and ask them to add their changes to subversion and update the CHANGES file

Ensure everything is checked into subversion.

Ensure that you have the latest versions of JastAdd? etc. checked out.

Potentially do the same for the Jimple parser definition (use sablecc), and aso re-generate the options parser to make sure it's up to date.

Change soot.Main

Change ant.settings for Soot and Jasmin, entering the correct version number

Change the soot_download.html file

Change the index.html file

Ensure CHANGES file, credits file, Release_Notice file are up-to-date

Ideally ensure Jasmin README and changes file are also up-to-date although they are currently hopelessly out of date

Checkin changes once all Soot contributors respond that they are set to go (or when you get tired of waiting for responses)

Build all jars

You have to use SVN to modify the Soot website:

You have to put all JAR files into:

Put the new jars in the sable/public_html/software/ directory.

Place the updated html files in the sable/public_html/soot/. Also put the updated credit and CHANGES files there.

Build the Soot docs and update them in sable/public_html/soot/doc/ directory. There is a script that makes the javadoc search applet that needs to be run. It can be found here.

Also copy a built version of the tutorials into sable/public_html/soot/tutorial/ directory.

To build the eclipse plugin:

Check all links on Soot webpage

Tag the releases in subversion:

svn copy<RELEASE_NUMBER> -m "Tagging the <RELEASE_NUMBER> release of the Soot project."

svn copy<RELEASE_NUMBER> -m "Tagging the <RELEASE_NUMBER> release of the Jasmin project."

svn copy<RELEASE_NUMBER> -m "Tagging the <RELEASE_NUMBER> release of the Soot project."

Send an email to the soot-list with the release notice