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  *Patrick McDaniel (Pennsylvania State University) uses Soot to extract source code for applications retargeted from the Android cell phone virtual machine. They use soot also to validate the DVM to JVM bytecode and benchmark their decompiler tools. 
  o http://siis.cse.psu.edu/phones.html 
- *Phil Pratt-Szeliga (Syracuse University) uses Soot to automatically convert Java Bytecode to CUDA, suitable for the GPU.  
- o http://pcpratts.mysite.syr.edu/research/pcpratts_thesis.pdf  
  *Rahul Purandare (University of Nebraska - Lincoln) uses Soot to develop hybrid typestate analysis to reduce the runtime monitoring overhead. 
  o http://portal.acm.org/citation.cfm?id=1869483&dl=ACM 
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  o Static Detection of Brittle Parameter Typing (ISSTA'12), http://mp.binaervarianz.de/issta2012.pdf 
  * DBridge: A Holistic Optimizer - DBridge is a tool to optimize database/web service access by performing optimizations that span across the boundaries of the application and the data source. It uses SOOT to analyze and transform Java programs that use the JDBC API. It performs optimizations such as set oriented query execution, asynchronous query submission, and prefetching query results. More details and resources on the project homepage. 
  o Project homepage: http://www.cse.iitb.ac.in/infolab/dbridge/ 
+ * Rootbeer: The Rootbeer GPU Compiler uses soot to convert Java Bytecode to CUDA C and execute on a Graphics Processing Unit.  
+ o http://rbcompiler.com/