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 * Speed: 
 ** be able to just process one class at a time 
 *** Soot as classloader plugin (*Bruno* is willing to take the lead on this) 
 ** perform certain expensive tasks such as CG construction and jimplification *in parallel* 
+*** will at the very least require getting rid of *singletons* (*Patrick Lam* had a first go at this)  
 ** speed up Jimplification by creating *more clever Jimple* in the very beginning 
 ** allow *structural diff* on control-flow graphs such that we can update analysis info in response to incremental program changes (*Eric* will look into this) 
 *** idea: check back-edges and exception edges last 
 *** may be interesting for malware detection 
 * Analyses: 
-** Add utility classes for *Android metadata* 
+** Add utility classes for *Android metadata* (*Alexandre Bartel* and *Eric Bodden* will be working on this)  
 ** integrate *slicing* facilities such as in Indus 
 ** Have better support for code transformations (*Karthik Ramachandra* will elaborate more on this) 
 ** Support a *query language* to identify certain program structures