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 * The ~AspectBench Compiler is an open ~AspectJ compiler that uses Soot internally for weaving 
 To run the tests yourself, e.g., to test whether a Patch works, please proceed as follows: 
-Check out Clara and all its dependencies: 
+Check out and build Clara and all its dependencies. This is fairly automated, for instructions see here:  
+http ://  
-svn co clara-with-deps  
-This will checkout clara and all dependencies (including Soot) into clara-with-deps. To build Clara and Soot, open the directory build.  
-*Make* *sure* to edit the file ant.settings and to edit the setting for there! Otherwise we will be getting the emails about your test runs!  
- Then execute the ant script there :  
-ant clara will build Clara and all dependencies  
+Then execute the ant script in the directory "build"
 ant test-and-email will run all tests and email you the results 
 If tests fail, you will see the output in abc-testing/ajc-harness/tests/ failed.output.