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The Sable repository is intended to be used for course and lab projects, papers, theses, meeting minutes, etc. The goal is to make exchanging code and documents easier while working in groups including research between professors and students. The data is also held in a central repository, making the data easier to backup. Please contact the system administrator if you'd like to add a directory to the repository.

Soot Repository

The original Soot repository will remain for everything that pertains to the Soot project. All new projects will be entered into the Sable repository.

Be warned that if you point svn to the read-only URL to check out files, and subsequently attempt to commit changes back to the writable URL, the commit will fail with 403 Forbidden errors. For write access, you need to check out from the https: URL as well as check in to it.

Commits mailing list

The soot-repos-commits mailing list receives notices of changes committed to the Soot repository.

To subscribe to the list, send an e-mail to with

subscribe soot-repos-commits
in the body.

To subsequently unsubscribe from the list, send an e-mail to with

unsubscribe soot-repos-commits
in the body.

Web-based Repository Browsing

WebSVN is installed for read-only viewing of both subversion repositories:

Documentation Wiki

Please visit our SableWiki to read or contribute documentation.


Please visit our bug tracking system to submit a bug or view the status of existing bugs.

Server Certificate

Our subversion server uses a self-signed SSL certificate. Recent releases of svn will warn you about the certificate the first time you connect and give you the opportunity to accept the certificate permanently.

If your subversion client continues to warn you about the self-signed certificate on every connection, you may be able to quiet it by downloading a copy of our public certificate and adding lines similar to these to your .subversion/servers:

sable =

ssl-authorities-file = /path/to/certificate/file
(This workaround comes from a posting to the subversion mailing list by Blair Zajac. We have not tested it with releases of subversion after 0.21.0.)

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